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2022 Teams are set!

We are looking forward to a fantastic 2022 season for all of our teams! 

11U - Full

12U -  looking for another catcher

13U - Full

14U -Green team -Full,  Blue team-looking for 1 utility player/pitcher

15U - both teams - Full

18U - looking for another pitcher & middle infielder

If you would like to schedule a tryout for one of the open spots, please email: 

Fernando Da Silva: 425-830-7552

Brett Newell: 425-830-7991

Age eligibility is based on May 1st cutoff


    Dragons Elite Baseball Club

    The philosophy of this organization is development...both as players and men.  We are also an organization that does not support entitlement (pay to play).  This is why it is important that the boys do their best to attend every practice as this is where the majority of physical and mental development takes place.  Our boys have been consistently reminded during practices that they earn their playing time and understand that through hard work and dedication comes reward.  This is Select Baseball...the level of competitiveness is intensified and the athlete himself understand that he must not only compete at a high level and standard to win, but also for his time on the field.  Our coaching staff has been directed to be honest at all times with our players and help them in their development as players and set a high standard.

    Our indoor practice facility is located in the Factoria area of Bellevue.

    Fernando Da Silva

    Fernando Da Silva

    Director of Baseball Operation

    Phone: 425-830-7552